Our Mission

Provide the most advanced social sharing platform through comprehensive link shortening and social sharing tools that drive higher engagement and lower customer acquisition costs for brands and publishers of web content.

Our Story

Po.st is owned and operated by RadiumOne, Inc., a company that generates first-party data about actual customers -- from their behaviors, actions and interests demonstrated across the web and mobile. We access tens of billions of real-time impressions each day across the Web, video, social and mobile to reach consumers in real-time no matter where they are. Our intelligent software and methodologies increase the relevance and personalization of ads through sophisticated algorithms that find valuable characteristics, gauge consumer behaviors, and target ads with laser focus to the right audiences. Po.st and RadiumOne are based in San Francisco, with offices across the US, Europe and Australia.

To learn more about RadiumOne, please visit radiumone.com.

Team Leads

  • Luis Aguilar

    Luis Aguilar

    Director Audience Intelligence

    Luis leads the Po.st sharing tool product for brands and publishers. With an eclectic background of agency, strategy, video production, social and publisher knowledge, he brings a balanced perspective to the publishing world that’s just as unique as his experience. Luis graduated from the University of San Francisco with a focus in Marketing and Advertising. Before starting his career in online advertising, he spent the first 3 years playing professional soccer in San Francisco and Montreal. He was also a top 5 finalist for the RedBull Launchpad event competition.

  • Charlotte Barnes

    Charlotte Barnes

    Senior Manager Audience Intelligence

    Charlotte leads the business development team and brand activation for the Po.st URL Shortener. With a passion for social media and background in traditional advertising, Charlotte brings a unique perspective on social strategy and growing the URL shortener. Prior to RadiumOne, Charlotte honed her advertising and brand development skills at various advertising agencies in New York and San Francisco. Charlotte graduated from Tulane University with a BA in Communication and Art History.

  • Dennis Karnitski

    Dennis Karnitski

    Product Manager, Social Sharing Platform

    Dennis is the Director of Product Management for the Po.st Platform with over 15 years of experience as a product manager in the Internet space. Prior to joining the Po.st team he was the Director of UX and Design for several online projects including Onliner.by, Trinity, Adrevolver, and Poisk. After several years in the UX space, he moved his focus to leading the conceptualization, implementation, and release of products. He has a BS in radiophysics from Belaruski Dziarzhauny Universitet.

  • Oliver Boyd

    Oliver Boyd

    Head of Business Development, Europe

    Oliver leads business development of the Po.st products in the UK, Benelux and Nordic markets. His background in the hardware and software business shows a strong understanding of technology and strategic thinking. His previous role was with Apple where he helped develop the Apple Store Leadership Program used in Apple’s flagship stores and was involved in the launch of the iPad in 2010. Oliver holds a Bachelors of Science in European Politics & Economics.

  • Antoine Boudier

    Antoine Boudier

    Business Development, France

    Antoine manages the Po.st team in France, supporting a wide range of publishers and advertisers. His passion for new technology and the digital space has made him one of the most successful business development leaders, with clients that value his expertise and professionalism. Antoine holds a Master of International Business from IAE Montpellier.

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