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Track your social traffic with a single, comprehensive social analytics dashboard.

Unlike other standard Web analytics providers, captures 100% of all sharing happening from your site. Transparency and correct attribution are right at your finger tips.

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Uncover Top-Performing Content Insights

Optimize your content by knowing which articles and keywords drive the most shares and clickbacks to your site.

Capture 100% of Social Sharing Activities

Everything you need to know is in one dashboard: top links shared, text that is copied and pasted, URL links from the address bar and more. Access custom reports featuring user preferences by timeframe, device, location, and channel.

Comprehensive Audience Insights

Understand who is visiting, sharing and engaging with your site. Audience Insight Reports from provide you with data on gender, age, income — and even the interests and activities of your audience. These findings help you better develop your site to encourage repeat visitors and attract new users.

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