How to Generate Revenue with is the only social sharing platform that enables publishers to monetize users' content sharing activity through:

  • Unique and net new ad units that can display ads from your clients or RadiumOne's Fortune 500 client base
  • Higher CPM than your existing banner inventory
  • Audience extension and audience segmentation opportunities

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After-the-Share Ad Opportunities

You have the choice to profit from brand new ad space that is targeted to each unique viewer and displayed once users complete a share — while they are already highly engaged.
1. Paid Ad from

1. Paid Ad from

Each time a share is initiated using, a 300x250 overlay is displayed next to the sharing buttons.

Publishers can populate this monetizable space with premium ads from our Fortune 500 partners.

2. Paid Ad from your Sponsors

2. Paid Ad from your Sponsors works with RadiumOne, our parent company, to identify relevant brand advertising appropriate for each unique viewer.

If you have an internal ad sales team, you can choose to fill this inventory with ads of your own, at no additional cost from

3. Social House Ad

3. Social House Ad

For publishers who would prefer not to monetize, this space can be customized to drive users to follow or like the company on social channels, or sign up for newsletters.

More Valuable Existing Ad Inventory helps your advertising clients increase the value of their existing advertising inventory by combining your social data with that of our parent company, RadiumOne. Provide publishers with a whole new level of audience segmentation.
  • Increase the rate you charge advertisers and the performance of their ad campaigns by leveraging our user-level targeting technology.

  • Optimize your ad delivery with no upfront cost. Our technology has been proven to boost ad performance by at least 20%.

Increased Ad Impression Volume

When viewers share your content, their social connections are driven back to your site, allowing you to monetize these additional users via the display ads incorporated into your website.

This referral traffic is amplified each time a new person shares website content to their various social profiles. And with the addition of our unique dark social features, you'll benefit from the new users you'll be able to engage.

Generate Revenue revenue-generating tools are:

  • 100% free
  • Integrated within minutes
  • Optimized for mobile devices
  • Highly customizable
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