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Use a multitude of click metrics in your dashboard to help you evaluate how your social posts are performing. All stats and insights are free — only available through

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Metrics That Matter

Track everything from the number of clicks for each post per day, to the social channels shared through, to the geographies of users engaging with your links. This valuable data can help inform your content strategy and optimize your website.

Organize and Segment Your Links and Campaigns

Sort your campaigns by social platforms, initiatives, or in any way you determine, to segment your data. Effectively compare your campaigns to better understand your audience and how they engage with your content.

Comprehensive Audience Insights

Understand who is clicking and engaging with your site with Audience Insight Reports from

Our data scientists analyze a massive pool of data to uncover user behavior — providing you with information on gender, age, income, and even the interests and activities of your audience.

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Shorten, share and assign links to campaigns right in your dashboard.
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Review all your clicks by day, across any given time period.
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Understand audience engagement with top performing links.
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Track and capitalize upon your most successful campaigns.
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Stay up to date with overall click performance by day.
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Compare the volume of clicks that various channels provide.
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Discover the geographies of your most engaged users.
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